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Four generations of wood preservation - tradition, experience, quality

Impregnace Soběslav s.r.o. is a wood processing company. Its production line mainly specialises in the production and pressure preservation of wooden poles and sleepers for top power and telecommunications companies and railway companies. Its preservation operations also include the production of palisades for garden architects.

Impregnace Soběslav s.r.o. offers its 100 year experience in pressure impregnation of wood, quality and reliability to its customers. Thanks to our diverse production line, we are able to meet any requirements made by retailers, multinational companies or retail chains distributing wood and wooden products.


CNG technologie

30. 6. 2015

Impregnation Soběslav already can fully exploit intra CNG filling station MJ Variant Plus 3K-1680 in its grounds. Filling stations MJ Variant Plus 3K-1680 consists of three compressor units MJ05 a total output of 15 m3 / h, dvousekčním pressure reservoir water capacity 1680 la manual dispensing device MJS. The whole technology is placed in a concrete container.